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Instructions to Musicians

You should plan on arriving at the festival at least an hour before your scheduled performance so you have time to unload your gear and talk to the stage manager about microphones requirements and stage set up.  The lines getting into the park can be long, especially in the early to late-afternoon hours, so you might allow extra time for that so you won’t be rushed when it is time for your performance.  Gates open at 10:30 and you can come anytime.


Your set length should be timed to start and end according to the times given in the schedule.  We need to allow about 15 minutes between sets to allow transition between acts.  In order to make this work, you should preposition your gear at the side of the stage and be prepared to move it on stage as soon as the previous act finishes their set.  We will be trying very hard to stay on time throughout the day.


Many of you have played this festival before you should know the drill - but - when you get to the park, continue past the main park gate (drive around the line) and until the reach the back gate.  Check in with the volunteer. Continue on and turn right on Beechtree Dr and turn into the parking lot on the left - this lot is reserved for musicians and food vendors - the stage and festival grounds are right there in front of you. Find a place to park and move your gear over to the stage.  The Boy Scouts (look for tie dyed t-shirts) are there to help you get to where you need to go.


Please check in with the MCs by the stage, let them know how you'd like to be introduced, etc, and then talk to the stage manager/sound guy about your setup.  The sound folks are excellent and will be able to accommodate pretty much whatever you need.  The main contact for sound is Clay Hinson <>.


If you need help or have questions between now and the festival day, or on the day of the festival, please do not hesitate to call Claire Campbell directly at (706) 254-9163 or email to

MERCH:  Bring it!  We'll have a section of the AFMDS Headquarters Tent dedicated to selling your merch.  Check in with Dick Daniels at the Merch Tent to inventory and price your stuff. 


See you soon

Claire Campbell and Tommy Jordan

Co-Directors, North Georgia Folk Festival

(706) 254-9163 (Claire)/ 706-338-3111 (Tommy)

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