2019 Craft Demonstrators

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Rebecca Gilliard (Decatur, Georgia): Rebecca is one of the many historical Sweetgrass Basket makers originally from Charleston, South Carolina.  She will demonstrate the art of sweetgrass basket weaving that has been passed down from generation to generation.  These unique baskets are still being made today and serve many purposes.

Beth Kelley Zorbanos (Danielsville, Georgia): I've been making corn shuck dolls for over 30 years. Each doll is hand-crafted using natural and hand dyed corn shucks, tied with waxed linen, and either sheep's wool, raw flax, raw silk, or corn silk for hair. Found natural objects are often used to accent the dolls. It is a joy and a pleasure to continue to share this old-time craft with others.


Ladies Homestead Gathering of Athens-Clarke County: Ladies Homestead Gathering is an organization that empowers women through homesteading by sharing knowledge, building community, and growing friendships. We will demonstrate a variety of homesteading skills, such as knitting, crocheting, spinning, basket weaving, and candle making. We will also display live animals and completed projects from our homesteads, set up a make your own seed packet station, and answer questions about homesteading.


Isabel Casalino-King (Blairsville, Georgia): I demonstrate working on a shaving horse, using traditional tools like a draw knife and spoke shave. With these tools, I make artistic hiking sticks and talking sticks.


Chelsea Born (Athens, Georgia): Appaloosa Designs Jewelry. I make nature-inspired sterling silver and turquoise jewelry made using traditional silversmithing techniques.  https://www.facebook.com/chelseab1224

Doc Watson (Athens)- Using a coal forge, a century old blower and anvil, “Doc” will be demonstrating the Blacksmithing's craft of shaping, and transforming, red hot metal. Creation of fireplace pokers, decorative hooks, and rail road spike knives will be performed.  Look for him in the woods behind the artists market.